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Number three of twelve albums


released March 1, 2013

Written and performed by Brendan Fitzpatrick. Mastered by David Hurtgen. Artwork by Emily Lindskoog.



all rights reserved


Ram's Head Lady Slipper New York, New York

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Track Name: Unknown Quantity
Unknown Quantity

One tiny pinball behind me sinks
There’s nothing left to define me now

I’m free from all memory
I’m drifting into eternity
An unknown quantity

Stars above and below and on all sides
Each point a plot on a map of time

It really blows my mind
I mean what time am I seeing?
I want to talk about me
An unknown quantity

One tiny pinball behind me sinks
The sun reduced to the size of a galaxy

I want to talk about me
I mean what time am I dreaming?
And where am I supposed to be?
An unknown quantity
Track Name: Labrador

Flowers move as one
To the ever burning sun
The fire is just getting ready
To start blooming
Some of them burn so much
They burn everything they touch
After all the flowers are
Only human

I’m going to move up to
Don’t want to play with fire

I clung to you in the dark
I tried to make a spark
Flowers yearning to burn
Are so lonely
Think I’ll make my home in a cave
Think of all the trouble I’ll save
When the only one burning is me
And me only
Track Name: The Grave
The Grave

Some folks are looking for money
Some of em are looking for love
Once in a while they end up with none of the above
But me I got lucky
Though people might say I’m a fool
I love teaching history at the local high school

I got me a little apartment
The roof leaks into a pan
While I sit eating tuna out of a can
I make my minimum payments
I cut myself when I shave
But it’s all good cause
I’m saving up for the grave

I’ve been saving it up for the grave
I put a little bit away everyday
Don’t you worry about me
I’m going to be okay
Cause I’ve been saving it up
For the grave

I spend my money on the kids in my class
For years I've been in hock
Cause I know it's my head
On the chopping block
One year I got a raise
The next year they took it away
But it’s all good cause
I’m saving up for the grave
Track Name: The Strings
The Strings

Time immemorial
Memory starts to fail
Fill the sail with the sun
Pull her in let her run
The strings between everything
Start to fray

Light reflecting back at me
A face in an inky sea
Looking in my window
Tunnelling though the snow
The strings between everything
Start to fray
Track Name: Been In Love
I’ve Been in Love Before

I thought I knew the score. I’ve been in love before.
I asked you to the dance we started holding hands.
But then something wasn’t right when you kissed me that night
Every other kiss hadn’t feel like this
I thought I knew the score. I’ve been in love before.

You tripped me and I fell. Rang me like a bell.
I scrambled to my feet and ran into the street.
But as I looked around. I didn’t recognize the scene.
Everything was new. What I thought was true.
Wasn’t anymore. I’ve been in love before.

To be honest before you I guess my eyes were closed
To the world the poet sees for which poetry is lovingly composed

I thought I knew the score but now I know there’s more
A tree isn’t just a tree now that you love me
There is magic everywhere and ever since that way
You kissed me finally I can truly say
From now to evermore I’ve been in love before
Track Name: Way Out Into Nothing
Way Out Into Nothing

Round and round the track I run
My mind it goes around the sun
And if I stop I might be flung
Way out into nothing

Somewhere on the edge of where
The angels run I’ll meet you there
When I have flung my final prayer
Way out into nothing

There comes a place where time gets lost
Our eyes get closed our hearts get crossed
The lights go out we all get tossed
Way out into nothing
Track Name: Dirty Money
Dirty Money

I don’t feel guilty
I don’t feel pain
I work a lot
Sometimes everyday
I didn’t ask em
To set up this system
What should I do
Give it all away

Dirty money
Dirty dirty money money
A tiny little piece
Of the poor sap slaving away

Dirty money
Money money dirty dirty
If you’re lucky enough
Well I guess nothing else matters.

I work so hard
You wouldn’t believe
I make decisions
I have these visions
I know what’s great
I’m a great dresser
I speak to leaders
A lot of pressure
Track Name: Such a Lie
Such a Lie

Since the day that I was born
You’ve been blowing on that horn
And crying about the sky is going to fall
You say I need to give a little back
But something is out of whack
Cause you keep getting richer
And all I got is my back to the wall

So don’t you say you don’t got money
Cause everyone knows you do
It’s such a lie it’s such a lie it’s such a lie
Does that billionaire work
A billion times as hard as I do
It’s such a lie it’s such a lie it’s such a lie

You say the days are over
When the work of an honest worker
Could afford him a decent life and a happy soul
I’ve been drinking that sweet kool aid
While you’ve been getting paid
I woulda just declared a war on you
But you fired the first shot a long time ago

I love the U.S.A.
It’s rags to riches any old day
All you need is a dollar and a dream
You can put that lottery ticket
Wherever you want to stick it
I'm going to take back what you stole
And toss you into the deep blue sea
Track Name: Old Times Again
Old Times Again

Hey old times here we come
Not sure where we’re coming from
But can you hear those old times
Going down can you hear that sound

Cuts right through every word
From the long hair a flock of birds
And when the clouds come raining down
It’s under the thunder can you hear the sound

It sounds like, we
Got something and it’s so, special
So special when we go, down
Way back to way back when
Old times again, old times again

Some people were talking in Tennessee
Some bird was knocking on some old tree
A fire was starting and then it went out
Can you hear what I’m talking about
Track Name: Proteus

Oh my Julia my, oh my
The clarion sky alone in Verona
No Valentine carries me away
Every hour of the day forever Julia

My pith and my truss
Proteus picks thee
Wherever you wander
So there I shall be

Oh my Silvia my, oh my
I’ll surely die alone in Verona
You turn and you turn while I steadily burn
I’ll carry you off forever Silvia

My pith and my truss
Proteus picks thee
Wherever you wander
So there I shall be

A feast of tender emotions
Pressed against my youth begets
A beast, a furious notion
God what have I done?

Oh my Silvia my, oh my
My breath and my flesh belong to Julia
The moment has flown I am fully grown
And give myself to you forever Julia
Track Name: Nothing Nothing Nothing
Nothing Nothing Nothing

The first thing
The very first thing was falling
Oh oh ooooh
Sand in an hourglass

The next thing
I knew the glass was shattering
Oh oh ooooh
The future and the past

Oh, nothing nothing nothing
In the world
But the love I lost
Oh, nothing nothing nothing
In the world
Not even a world

I see
The stars laid out in front of me
Oh oh ooooh
I don’t want that destiny

The sand
Of an hourglass spilling over me
Oh oh ooooh
It makes no sense
Track Name: Local Fluff
Local Fluff

We toss and we turn in the night
Behind us our tiny isle is out of sight
The wind has carried us this far
And now the stellar spray
The stuff of the Local Fluff
Is twisting the wind away

The slow softening of our bones
It's faster the further we are from our homes
Radicals are easy and free
And burn little trails in me
The stuff of the Local Fluff
A poisonous place to be

At the edge of eternal sleep there’s a twitch
It’s a dream as we roll and pitch
Finally into the unknown
And through the cloud we’re thrown
The stuff of the Local Fluff
Falling asleep and alone